Survival of the fittest or the better equipped?

Posted by Richard Conard on

Beyond the basics, essential is subjective as are tools used for survival. It has been said that any animal uses no instrument. On the contrary evidence in nature reveals that man is not the only techy. Among Darwins, examples were, the elephant, by waving a branch from its trunk repels flies. The elephant doesn't shake any branch it finds. The branch is modified by it by shortening the stem or eliminating side branches. It strips bark and uses that. This practice is the difference between resources and, say, rabbit warrens or spiders webs. Elephants make their tools by manipulating things they seek out specifically. Branch breaking by elephants is straightforward when compared to the technology utilized by birds.
There is a species of thorn bird which builds nests around two meters long and almost half a meter wide, with four or more independent chambers. A nest condo so durable that it might survive a fall of several meters with its eggs intact, that's lined with thorns to discourage predators, and that has well hidden seeing holes so the birds indoors can see danger coming. These non-technologies is at best technology. Beavers are known to build houses, called lodges, and assemble canals by producing dams to shape their surroundings to assist with the transportation of food and construction materials. There are various other samples of creature technology, and more are being discovered every year. The more we look, that the more we locate. All these technologies have the same purpose: survival, or more specifically, adaptation for survival. Species utilize resources to help them adapt to otherwise challenging environments without having to wait around for evolution to change their bodies. Technology is quicker than morphology. Therefore, having more tech is a good thing and should be regularly acquired for survival. Right? LOL

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