360 Degrees Rotary Cross Laser Red Line

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22Advantages of our laser level:


Damping self-leveling system: The laser level movement will make the laser lines vibrated. Damping compensation system could reduce the vibration time, align the laser lines as quickly as possible, solve the problem of shaking lines. More flexible, greatly improve work efficiency!

TILT slash function: Can make tilt slash lines at any angles, need to comply with the rotary joint / adapter

6 Laser enhanced points: Higher brightness laser line with the enhanced point, crossing the middle, keeping outdoor laser enhanced point vertical accuracy, simpler construction work.

DC4.5 (AA1.5 X3) (NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE)  / Adapter / Lithium battery

Could work with laser receiver/detector

360 degrees rotary laser

Outdoor mode: when it works outdoors, it helps to find the lines easier. 



Put 3 of 1.5A alkaline batteries (or lithium battery) into the battery box or plug the adapter into laser level; adjust the legs to make sure that the round bubble is in the center

Turn the ON/OFF switch, the self-leveling functions when the power light is on, in the meanwhile, so as the laser line

V-button controls the vertical lines. The floor point lights when the vertical line is on. H-button controls the horizontal line

OUTDOOR-button controls the exchange between indoor and outdoor. Press "outdoor", then it can work with laser receiver. 

Press "outdoor" and hold it for 3 seconds, then it can make tilt slash lines. 

The instruments will puzzle with an alarm when it is over 3 degrees. At this time, the leg/tripod should be adjusted, making sure that the bubble retries to the center, then followed by the normal line emitting, which adopts the electronic induction principle


Technical data:

Color of laser: Red

Standard: 5 lines 6 points

Accuracy:  ± 1mm / 7m

Laser wavelength: 635nm laser diode, floor point 650nm

Light source:ClassII / ClassIII A, High power

Right angle precision:90° ± 0.025°( ± 1mm/3m)

Scope of work: Indoor 10m. Outdoor 5-10m

Outdoor working: If the laser level is needed to be worked outdoor frequently, it is better to buy a green beam laser.

Tile Slash function: Yes

Self-leveling: Yes

Outdoor mode (receiver mode): Yes

Auto adjustment range: ±3°

working temperature: -10℃- 50 ℃

Power: DC4.5 (AA1.5 X3)  ( NOT INCLUDED )/ Adapter / Lithium battery ( NOT INCLUDED)